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Facial Gymnastics

"There Are No Ugly Women, Only Lazy Ones"

Facial Gymnastic is a system of exercises for the face which can be used to correct facial imperfections and ageing of the face. It will improve the features and preserve facial youth for years to come. Do not hurry to run to the plastic surgery and make injections. Why use injections or a plastic surgeon when we can prolong your youth naturally?

Yes, we are constantly talking, smiling, frowning, but that is not enough. Much like the body needing more movements than from the sofa to the kitchen, the face needs more too. As a result, our chewing muscles weaken and the cheeks, in which the muscles are held, slide down. It can be easy to spot the need for facial gymnastic exercises. Frown lines appear between the eyebrows and the forehead and groves running from the corners of the mouth to the chin. The elasticity and strength of the facial muscles can be improved by replicating the movements shown in the videos, and the consequent increase in blood flow will contribute to better nutrition and renewal of the epidermis of the skin.

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We regularly go to the gym to keep the other muscles of our bodies in shape, yet the common course of action when looking to preserve facial youth is to visit beauty salons for a variety of unnatural procedures that involve cutting, injecting, stapling and tightening. At by-cosmetics we believe in a much more natural and safe way... Gymnastics for the face, which we believe is as effective on the muscles as gymnastics for the body.

Five reasons to start now

First of all, facial exercises tone the muscles. One cause of ageing is when the muscles weaken. When the muscle tone decreases, the effectiveness of holding the soft tissue decreases, hence the sagging. Swells and loses its smooth oval shape. Facial features are floating. Therefore, regular exercise - is a great prevention of ageing. Youth cannot be preserved forever, but facial gymnastic techniques will delay the onset of old age.
Secondly, facial fitness improves blood circulation. During exercise, muscles are warmed up, which provides nutrients to the soft tissue and will improve the skin, making it look younger and fresher.
Third, the fitness and facial exercises relieve spasms and hyper tone, like a massage, smoothing and evening the skin.
The fourth reason lies in the ability to treat some of the weaknesses which have arisen due to lifestyle choices such as swelling under the eyes and a double chin. Correcting this will allow you to regain a smooth oval shape of the face.
Finally, facial gymnastic does not require special conditions or a gym and equipment. Exercises for tightening can be done in your spare time at home, in the car and even at work.

You have to be aware of yourself in everything, regardless of age. To start facial gymnastic, carefully observe yourself and listen to the sensations. Exercise should be fun, the face should not be distorted in grimaces, it should not have creases and folds while training, and after the complex in the muscles of the face should feel warmed up, light tingling and pleasant fatigue, not pain.
The development of the first base set of exercises aimed at the Activation of the facial muscles can take about a month if exercised daily. Take a picture "before" and "after" (we highly recommend, even insist that you do so), you will see the results in the future, you will be able to adjust the effect of gymnastics.
Having mastered the basic exercises, you will be able to begin to modify it, adapting. As time passes, you will not need to fully train the facial muscles daily. It is enough to train two or three times a week, and the rest of the exercises can be done at random wherever or whenever it is convenient, as these will not be time consuming, yet will allow you to constantly look after your face.

So start learning exercises for the face right now, do one lesson a day of each exercise once for 30 reps, and in two weeks you will notice the first results!

Wrinkled forehead

Lovers frowns, forehead very quickly covered with vertical and horizontal wrinkles. With these exercises, you will be able to remove the spasm of muscles, learn to relax them to make a smooth forehead and pull the brow arch.

Download tutorial 84,4 Mb MP4

Eyes (bags under the eyes, swelling, drooping eyelids)

Eye zone requires high-quality and very delicate consideration. These methods return the elasticity of the upper eyelids and the areas under the eyes, visually increase eyes, smooth out wrinkles, and as a bonus improve vision.

Download tutorial 92,4 Mb MP4

Saggy cheeks & wrinkles around the nose

The main reason for saggy cheeks & wrinkles around the nose is the loss of muscle tone of the central part of the face. This set of exercises will return elasticity of your cheeks, cheekbones clearly depict, smooth out the wrinkles around the nose.

Download tutorial 94,8 Mb MP4

Problematic lips (with a hall, angles down, without volume)

Lips most prone terminals mimic part of the face. That is why they soon lose their shape and volume grows lots of wrinkles and creases. A unique set of exercises quickly revives your lips, give them volume, lift the corners of the mouth, smooth out wrinkles near the lips.

Download tutorial 92,8 Mb MP4

Saggy oval face, second chin, neck problem

This set of exercises will help get rid of the double chin, to remove excess fat from the lower part of the face, strengthen the neck, give definition bottom contour of the face. The same exercises are excellent prevention and treatment of degenerative disc disease.

Download tutorial 94,4 Mb MP4

Normal face

Face buiding necessary not only for the correction of the existing problems, and also to prevent their occurrence in the future. This set of exercises will strengthen your facial muscles, make facial features more clear and vivid, and the skin smooth and velvety.

Download tutorial 98,8 Mb MP4


facial gymnastic exercisesVideo tutorials are written in collaboration with the author of facial gymnastic training and founder of the international online school Evgenia Baglyk


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Bank: BCA
Account IDR: 1350439966
Account USD: 1356611111
Company: PT Bali Ytka
Address: Jl. Raya Ubud No 10X, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

Bank: BCA
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Rekening USD: 1356611111
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